August 17, 2010

Last Wallaby

Here it last Wallaby for a long time. I'm Wallabied out. This is for my godsister's eldest child and since he's visiting next week my timing couldn't be more perfect. I have to find a little something to put in the pocket for a surprise.
Now I have a case of castonitis - I think I'll start the felted slippers my friend's son requested. I'm a little overdue on them.


Beth said...

Very nice! Why don't we get "finishing-itis" - I could use a case of that!

Jennifer said...

Awww - what a lucky kiddo. I don't have any energy for new projects either. I don't have any energy for current projects. Uh oh. What shall we do? Maybe when the weather cools down, we'll feel the need to knit.