September 30, 2010

After All That Help...

Thank you all for the button input - it was a landslide for the wooden button in the middle. So I sat down to sew it on and the snap to go with it (for some reason both Chic Knits patterns I have made have a thing against button holes and snaps are used) and when I tried it on for button placement I realized it looked better open and without a button! So, no pictures to show right now but I'm not using that fun wooden button just yet.

I'm in a bit of a knitting limbo/quandary. I have only one project on needles (scarf for mom) and I have two piles of yarn waiting for me to be clever and creative. I have 7 skeins of Cascade 220 in a heathered black and 3 skeins of Cascade Ecological Wool in a creamy white.

I bought the Cascade 220 to make Monday Mording Cardigan but then I got worried that the girls would just seem like "monoboob" if I wore that. So then I thought of making something close to King of Confidence of my own design but when I looked for yarns in my stash for the yoke, I hit a wall. Perhaps I should just make Vine Yoke Cardigan...what to do?

I won't even get into my quandaries for the Ecological Wool. So last night I sat down and cast on another mini-sweater to add to my collection.

If you have any recommendations for either yarn, I'd love to hear it.


Beth said...

It's hard to choose sweaters. Good luck!

Sarah said...

What about the "Dark and Stormy" sweater for the cascade 220?

Kimberly said...

Make the Monday Morning... the girls won't look bad. I just looked at the finished ones on Ravelry and I need to make one now!