September 3, 2010

Drive Thru

Before the summer started, my godsister expressed the desire for some girly colored sweaters for her daughter. She has an older brother and navy blue sweaters with a pink skirt aren't as fun as a purple sweater with anything. So we went onto Knit Picks and found some colors and here is the result using Wendy Bernard's Drive Thru.

Next I have to get a picture of her wearing it - hopefully when it isn't so darn hot.
I cast on another project of mindless knitting - Chic Knits Basic Chic V-Neck Cardigan using Artful Yarns Fragrance which I picked online up during a sale at Webs. I still have my Mountain View Cardigan to finish...perhaps this week I'll do the required neck short row shaping I've been avoiding for MONTHS!


Andrea said...

How sweet! It looks wonderful!

Beth said...

Love those colors! You did such a nice job.