February 25, 2011

Hats for Haiti

Did you know that while Haiti is in a warm place that it gets quite cold there at night? I didn't...but my friend, Julie, whom I've known my whole life (our moms are friends and our grandparents were friends), contacted me and told me about her experiences in Haiti. She and her husband, Paul, have spent quite a bit of time in Haiti since the earthquake...in fact, Paul is a doctor and went there in the weeks after the earthquake with their teenage son and helped with all his wonderful medical expertise.

Anyway, Julie saw my knitting on Facebook and contacted me with a message asking that if I had spare time perhaps I could knit some hats for these families. She apparently took some hats with her on her last visit and they were very appreciated by the children and parents. So while our kids were down and out with the flu today, I whipped up these hats...from size 6 to preemie.

Then I got thinking...the knitting community is AMAZING and supportive and caring. I thought I'd give a shout out to see if I could get some more hats for Julie. Maybe you have one or two in a "just in case" drawer of gifts? Maybe you have some leftover yarn from a project and an hour to whip up a preemie hat? If so, leave me a message with your contact info and I'll give you my snail mail so I can collect these for Julie.

Depending on response and I'm thinking I might throw this on Ravelry, I think I'll turn it into a contest where you get a chance for each hat you donate. Hmmm...this sounds like a good idea. I'll get back to you on the prize.

BTW - Julie told me she will definitely take a picture once the hats are delivered so we can see where they ended up and how appreciated they will be.


Amy said...

Great...I would love to help with this cause!

Anonymous said...

I don't have any stashed away, but I'll gladly knit some up quickly and spread the word!

Anonymous said...

I linked to your post in a few places to drum up some knitters and support.

kathy b said...

Im putting on my list of knits .....we are a charitable group that is for certain!

kathy b said...

Im putting on my list of knits .....we are a charitable group that is for certain!

CelticCastOn said...

Is there just a need for preemie hats? Would adults be in need?