February 8, 2011

Hope She Likes It

I know my sister doesn't read my blog so I can post her birthday present here...I made her a Saroyan using Malabrigo Twist. The yarn is scrumptiously soft and the color is divine (closer to the top picture).

This is a fast, fun knit - it took me two days! I love the leaf edging on the side. Now I think I'll go to my favorite jewelry store and get her some earrings to go with it and her gift is done!


Kimberly said...

Can I be your sister?

Beth said...

I second what Kimberly said. :) It's beautiful!

kathy b said...

Funny my relatives NEVER read the blog. I dont think they get it. Im kind of glad. My kids do read it, but not anyone else! I LOVE your gift. A fabulous color and gift.