March 19, 2011

Holy Hats, Batman!

Today's mail had everyone astounded - a bounty of hats - 18 to be exact! This brings the total received to 28 and then add the 9 I knit and we're up to 37. I knew knitters/crocheters are amazing but this is unbelievable.

First were these 6 wonderful, colorful hats from Pam (Pammiegirl on Ravelry). Aren't they fun?

And look what Amy whipped up - a whopping 12 hats. One is knit and the rest are crocheted. Her Ravelry id, knitterofhats, sure proves she's a hat person for this effort.

I'm thinking I'm going to need a big box to ship these to my friend, Julie.


kathy b said...

Fantastic drive. Ashamed I havent participated. Keep up the great work

Beth said...

Excellent! My hats are boxed up and ready to send out tomorrow.

luganknitter said...

I think its amazing that many many people will come together to help such a great cause. I keep thinking about something to do for Japan, but I really can't afford a whole bunch of shipping... (being the broke almost graduated college student I am...) I just can't stop thinking about how cold everyone is!