March 25, 2011

Overwhelmed and In Awe

Yesterday's trip to the mailbox had me staggering back up the driveway with 4 packages from places as far away as Georgia, Wyoming and New Mexico. I'll share them with you as I opened them.

First was Yvonne's (laughingwolf on Ravelry) set of 3 hats (she made the two little ones and purchased the other handmade one from Hats for Hunger on Ravelry).

Check out the wonderful tag she had for the hats saying they were "Made with a Hug by Yvonne S." Thank you, Yvonne!

Next I opened Vanessa's lovely hat which came with a sweet note wishing she had more time to make more...Vanessa, each hat is precious and time is precious too...thank you! Vanessa found me through her friend, Beth.

Then I got to a box from Debora (deborasoule on Ravelry) who I've "met" through the Finish or Frog it group. Debora sent 7 amazing hats both knit and crochet. Check out the lace edge on one of them. Thank you, Debora!

The last box I opened was from Beth (feltlikeknitting on Ravelry) and quite honestly at this point I burst into tears...the hats kept coming out of the box - 10 in all! It was all so overwhelming and because I've followed Beth's blog for a few years I felt like a friend had come through and really put her heart into this not only for this cause but also for me. .
I was telling my DH about my friends I've met through blogging and ravelry - he came up with the term "blog-amie"...Beth is a "blog-amie" - thank you, Beth!
So, as of Thursday end of day I have received...drumroll...65 hats! That's not counting the 9 I made. I know more are on their way. I emailed Julie earlier today and told her I keep thinking "I'm going to need a bigger box to ship these".
Thank you all...knitters leave me in awe.


Beth said...

Blog-amie - I like it! :)

You've received such a nice variety of hats!

Amy said...

Awesome...these are great hats. So thrilling you have such a number to donate.