March 24, 2011

The past 2 days...

For the past 2 days I've been under the weather - I worked 4 days last week and caught a nasty cold from some darling student who should have been at home and not at school. Anyway, while I may have been out of it, you guys have been coming through with lots of hats. These are what I got on Tuesday and Wednesday...I have yet to visit the mailbox today.

Joan (bmom on Ravelry) sent these 5 hats - don't you just love them? I love that she even included a Thorpe - I bet that one will be coveted by many.

Then Marilyn (gardenstatelapin on Ravelry) sent these 3 adorable hats - perfect for little ones. I got an email from my friend, Julie, who has asked for these hats and she had a great idea. She received a dontation of baby bottles and pacifiers and she was going to package them up with a baby hat from this great drive. She was so excited at the idea of a present that included so much.

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Beth said...

Love those springy colors! Such pretty hats.