December 31, 2011

2011 Knitting

IMG_4537IMG_4581IMG_4628IMG_4689Summer 2011 005IMG_5093

2011 Knitting, a set on Flickr.

Here's a Year's worth of knitting...wonder what next year will bring? According to Knitmeter this totals over 20,000 yards. Wow!


MamaBearKnits (aka Lisa) said...

Estella, all so lovely! What I nice summary. I was looking at Ravelry the other day counting up my projects, it's a good reflection and gets you thinking about what to knit in the coming year. (oh so many ideas!)

MamaBearKnits (aka Lisa) said...

OK you got me curious on the Knitmeter, so I entered mine. Only 1/2+ of what you did and I thot I had a prodigious year! Approximately 11,000 yards. 11 shawls, but only 2 sweaters this year. Wow how do you do it?

Lynneb said...

That is a beautiful year's worth of knitting! Well done!