December 13, 2011

A Big Trip to The Frog Pond

Remember a while back in August when my mom asked me to knit her a sweater? It was the Elizabeth Cardigan and I was using some Classic Elite Premiere. The pattern is knit from sleeve to sleeve sideways which really doesn't allow for trying on. I also adapted the pattern to pick up and knit the collar on it like you do with a Mondo Cable Cardigan.

Well, when it was finally ready I tried it on and HATED it. I blocked the hell out of it and it still sagged and drooped and pulled and was entirely too short for my mom. So I emailed her this picture which showed the string hanging out to unravel it. She agreed that it wasn't the right length and cracked up when I told her I had put it in a time out.

This past Sunday while in a cranky mood I pulled the whole thing out - I think it made my mood worse and I determined next time I frog a project I should be in a good mood. The last shot shows the ramen noodles waiting for a soak before figuring out what next. Hmmmm...what should I knit with this - she wants a cardigan. I am open to is dk weight and I have 1400 yards.


MamaBearKnits (aka Lisa) said...

Do you have enough yarn for this one?

Jennifer said...

You are a very brave woman. Good thing you're a very fast knitter! Good luck with the second attempt. I'd give you some ideas, but most of mine come from you!