January 13, 2013

For My Husband

My husband won't let me knit for him - I constantly offer sweaters and he keeps saying no.  So while I was knitting this Cascade Eco Plus blanket, the kids would say "who is that for".  Until I received my lovely friendship blanket, I would say "it is for me because you keep stealing my blanket".  

The other day our daughter asked again and I replied "this is for dad".  She must have forgotten because when she saw it blocking she said "I hope you're not giving this one away!"  I agree - it is lovely, it is warm and my husband loved/loves it.

I couldn't get the color right -see the last photo for the true color.

This is the truer color.


Jennifer said...

Yeah! Now you both have cozy blue blankets. I love a good ending! It turned out beautifully.

Karen said...

I need to talk to you about blankets. I have this great, thick yarn from Cuttyhunk that came right off the sheep (more or less) and I think it would make an awesome throw, but of course, I have no idea how to start. help?