January 19, 2013

My Kind of Farmer's Market

In case I haven't mentioned it, I LOVE our new hometown.  It is wonderful on so many levels and I never expected we would be this happy here.

Today was another reason why I love our town - we have a farmer's market.  When we first moved here we went on a hot summer day and it wasn't quite up to the farmer's market standards we had back in CT.  However, today it blew the CT market out of the water!  Today and one day next month, they have fiber vendors at the market!  Lots of fiber vendors.

Check out this gorgeous array of handspun.

More handspun from the same vendor...
stunning but quite costly...these skeins were $65.

Check out this bag made from a wool jacket.

This one is embroidered...too cool.

Our daughter wanted to take one of these home...not happening.

I fell in love with this "tree" of skeins.

As you can see it was very busy.

Lovely colors but sadly a bit scratchy for me.

See the blue horse/unicorn one near the center?
I will be knitting up a pair for our daughter.

I only purchased a pattern this time - fortunately, a lot of the vendors will be back in February.  Now I can reflect on what yarns I saw and then plan a purchase.  What a fun morning we had at the farmer's market - my kind of farmer's market with YARN!


bmom said...

So happy to hear that you love your new home town! That farmers market sounds like fun.

Karen said...

I'm sure the hubby will be glad to know that you can clothe him even if you can't feed him! ;)