February 14, 2013

Makes My Heart Beat Fast

Remember last year when I met Kate Gilbert's aunt?  Well, she's a dear and I saw her at church last month when we visited for an ordination.  She told me she had a bag of yarn for me that Kate had given her and she wanted to give to me.

Well, I can't refuse yarn and I must admit having yarn that Kate touched, knit with, was inspired by...well, it makes my heart beat fast.

The bag was no small bag - in fact it was huge!

I dumped it out on my bed and of course I had to sort it.

Blues, purples, greens

neutrals and greens

Reds, browns, greys

It is almost overwhelming - I'm envisioning some color work or a linen stitch scrappy scarf.  I want to be brilliant with it as it was once knit with by Kate Gilbert!  Oh, I do hope I can meet her via her lovely aunt.  I think I should knit something for the aunt, right?


Jennifer said...

Wooo - that sounds like a fabulous day!

Kristen said...

You are going to have some fun with this!

elns said...

Wow! What a treat! Can't wait to see what you do with your fabulous haul. Happy knitting.

Lynneb said...

Oh my gosh! Estella, what a great gift! Too much fun ahead!