February 6, 2012

I Think Only A Knitter Would Understand

Yesterday morning I was at our church coffee hour with the kids and I was wearing my "Tube of Warmth" which I'm finding with the other capelets I've made is the perfect layer to indeed keep me warm.  The coffee hour was like a job fair for all the ministries of our church and I was helping out at the youth group table making mini-milkshake samples (our daughter called them Frosty Shots).

A woman who I have met before told me how much she liked my capelet and asked if I made it.  We then started discussing knitting and she could get back into knitting with my help.  She then told me her niece is a designer and has an online knitting magazine and she asked me if I had ever heard of Twist Collective.

Have I ever heard of Twist Collective????   Have I been living in a cave - no so I obviously HAVE heard of Twist Collective and I told her how much I lived it.  Well, her niece is Kate Gilbert.  At that point I had to hold on to the edge of the table as it was a less than six degrees of separation moment with a knitting goddess.  I think this lady knows her niece is creative but I don't think she realizes just how well known she is to the kniterrati.

Of course, when I told my kids about it they were totally non-plussed.  Maybe I need to show my fashion savvy daughter some of Kate's amazing designs, such as:  Wisteria, Cinnabar, A Cardigan for Arwen and the adorable Roo. Maybe then she'd understand why I was so excited!


MamaBearKnits (aka Lisa) said...

Yay, and I'm only one degree more!!

Amy J said...

Very neat...and personally, I think the aunt needs to be your new BFF ;)

bmom said...

That is cool -- I would've been all "guess who I just met."

Beth said...

That really is so cool!

kathy b said...

OF all the AUNTS in the world........WOW