February 3, 2012

Not the Best Sport for Knitting

For years I've been knitting at our son's sports events - baseball, tennis, flag football.  For a while he pitched in baseball and that was very stressful knitting - my gauge would get all wonky as I worried about his pitching.  I even knit an entire blanket during a baseball season.  I often think of certain projects as things made during a season - like this scarf was knit the year my son's team won the town "world series".

Now he has a new sport - pole vaulting.  Yes, I knit while he vaults - there is lots of down time between his vaults as the sport gives every vaulter 3 chances at each height...kind of like baseball's 3 strikes before you are out.  When he vaults I do put my knitting down as seeing your kid hit 9 plus feet is stressful.  This photo is from when he hit a new personal best of 10'...he actually hit 10' 6" later that day.  I was not knitting at that moment - instead I was jumping up and down and cheering for him.


Jennifer said...

Fabulous! How does he do that? I've never understood how kids learn this sport. It's a fantastic picture. Kudos to him!

Beth said...

I agree with Jennifer - what a great photo and how in the world is it done?!