January 31, 2012

A You're Adorable

When my son was born my godmother gave him the book "A You're Adorable" which goes on "B You're so Beautiful, C You're a Cutie Full of Charm"...all true about this sweater.  It is Baby Sophisticate and I used leftover Berocco Pure Merino. 

I made it for my cousin's second child which they knew was a boy - he was born yesterday and named a family name - Cornell.  Seems this grown up looking sweater will be perfect for such a grown up sounding name.  I mailed it off today and asked they take a picture of him when it fits him..


kathy b said...

just gorgeous. I love the comfy big boy look of this sweater. Love the collar. Great color

The Happy Chance said...

That's the cutest sweater. I'm sure your cousin will love it for the baby. Beautiful!

Beth said...

It's beautiful and I love the color!