January 13, 2012

One Down, Four To Go

I finished the first Corrugated Lace Capelet which my dentist's wife commissioned me to make. (Note for Millie - this is not the one I made at the beginning of summer it is the one I made in late fall). I used Valley Yarns Berkshire and had only planned on 3 skeins but due to their discount when you buy a lot I decided to buy 4 skeins. It was a good thing I did as I needed about 20 yards of the 4th skein to finish this.

I love the color - it is called "Blue Ming" and this photo is pretty true. I'm working on a plum colored one right now and am already fighting the boredom of the same pattern...they aren't due until March but I want to get this off my plate.

My mom's sweater is about dry (Note to Millie - the color changed cause it was wet when I photographed it and I think the true color is somewhere between the two). I'm hoping to pick up the neck edge tomorrow and finish this sucker while watching lots of football.


Beth said...

You can do it! I know it would be hard for me to knit a pattern that many times. She will be so happy with them!

Lynneb said...

So Cute!!!! Keep it up, Estella!