January 4, 2012

One Sleeve Done

I spent New Year's Day watching football - almost 12 hours worth! What did I do? Knit of course. I finished one sleeve on my mom's Estelle cardigan and am halfway done with the second sleeve.
I put all the body stitches on my Try It On Tubing and am waiting to see how much yarn I have before doing the pretty feather and fan detail on the bottom edge - I want to make the sweater as long as I can for her and make sure I have enough to go around the neckline.

As I told my mom when I emailed her this photo - the detail looks much prettier in person.


Beth said...

I think it looks very pretty! And the color is wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Looks fabulous!

ML said...

Oh, my. I love that lacy sleeve end.

Guest Ranch Colorado said...

I envy you because I'm lousy with needle crafting.. no imagination, that's why. I have tried cross stitching but still haven't finished that project. :(