January 11, 2012

In The Home Stretch

I'm winding down on the Estelle cardigan I'm knitting for my mom...I finished the body and have to block it before picking up the stitches around the fronts and neck to do some more feather and fan detail work. I'm SO much happier with this than the previous version. This is knit out of Classic Elite Premiere which has really held up to one blocking then a frogging and washing and then another blocking. It's 50% cotton/50% Tencel and it has really done well.

I'm in the home stretch - my mom said Florida was getting a cold front on Friday and asked if it could be to her by then - we both had a good laugh.


Beth said...

It's beautiful! Your mom is going to love it!

Millie said...


Wow!! How do you do that? You managed to change the color of the sweater!! Seriously though, which picture - the sleeve or the blocking one - shows the color accurately?

Also you showed the corrugated lace capelets you are making, but didn't you do something similar in the summer which had many colors in it and looked a bit like corrugated ribbing? Maybe I am thinking of someone else's work, but I thought it was you.

Hope your holidays were good, and that things are looking up in your household.


Gael O'SCANLAN said...

I love the color anyway