February 19, 2012

Lucky Me!

That pesky Random Number Generator finally took a shine upon me - I love to enter contests on blogs, podcasts, etc.  In fact, years ago I won some wonderful knitting needles from Major Knitter who is now a good knitting buddy.

Well, imagine my surpise when I found out I won a contest on the 2 Knit Lit Chicks podcast!  They were giving away several 3month gift subscriptions to Audible.  Now, if you haven't listened to this podcast, you should check it out.  Not only do they talk about knitting, they also talk about books.  Got to love that combination!

The format is a mother and daughter duo - Barb (mom) and Tracie (daughter).  They live in California and both are knitters - Barb more experienced of the two.  The banter back and forth is delightful, they have fun segments including a "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down" section.  They podcast one time around Thanksgiving and my favorite line came from that - while drinking some alcoholic holiday beverage, Barb pointed out that that particular episode (if they weren't careful) could be called 2 LIT Knit Lit Chicks.  Cracked me up.

They have a strong Ravelry group too.  Go join the group as they have had contests for every 100 member signups.  Check them out and THANK YOU Barb and Tracie - now, what book should be my first download???

Also, one more lucky bit of news...my husband's niece just announced she is pregnant and due in September.  More baby knits for me!

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