February 4, 2012


Thanks to my dentist's wife I had a large commission to make her 5 capelets - one for each member of her staff and one for her.  She picked the pattern based on my Corrugated Lace Capelet which she really liked on me when I wore it to get my teeth cleaned...pays to wear your handknits.   Anyway, I ordered some Valley Yarns Berkshire and started knitting these just after New Year's Day and just yesterday I bound off the last one.  Here they are in all their glory. 

I deliver them on Thursday and she will gift them in March to her staff...I'll be sure to make her promise to get a group photo.  I'm so done with this pattern - I have it beyond memorized and don't care if I ever knit it again.

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Beth said...

Congratulations on getting them all done!!! I doubt I could have done it. :)