March 31, 2013

Perfect for Easter

A while back, we went to the ordination of our youth minister.  His 4 year old daughter, Elana, reminded me I knit a sweater for her baby sister.  She had the color and buttons down cold and described it to a tee.

So, I said, "Would you like me to knit you a sweater and what color would you" - knowing full well pink would be her choice.  She told me she wanted a sweater with buttons and yes, pink would be her choice.

So, when I went to Windsor Button I picked up some Plymouth Encore in a pink that borders on Pepto Bismol pink.  I got some white and then used some purple I had in my stash.  I combined two patterns to make the cardigan - I used Drive Thru for the sweater directions and Isabella for the yoke pattern.

Originally, I wanted to find flower buttons but nothing appealed to me so I ended up with matching pink buttons that actually let the flower yoke stand out better.

It went in the mail and should be her Easter surprise - what a perfect Easter sweater!

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