April 28, 2013

Oh My...What a Bad Blogger

I just noticed my last blog post was almost a month ago.  I am a bad blogger!  I apologize for going radio silent yet again.  I've had a crazy few weeks that have made it so my time is not my own.  Two plus weeks ago I got a call from the middle school - a teacher was about to go out on maternity leave and their coverage fell through.  I went in and interviewed for the job (some of the interview was in French as it was to teach her French classes).  After some back and forth and reswizzling of the job and the pay I was awarded the long term substitute position.  THEN the teacher started a false labor so one week after the interview I was starting the job.  I covered her classes for 3 days then the job started right after our vacation week.

My first week of work was this past week - as a result, my time is not my own.  This is something I full well learned last year when I subbed for a teacher on maternity leave - hence, the need to reswizzle the pay!

This explains yet another radio silence...I am out of the house by 7am (up at 5am) and not home til 2:30.  Then mom duty begins which I don't need to explain to any of you.

I've been too tired to knit much this past week but I did finish a lovely knit.  I had some Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool in my stash and I started this project at the end of March - it is by Bonne Marie Burns.  Vonica is a fun knit with an interesting pattern that is easy to follow.  I love the color, the cut, the weight of the yarn for a spring knit.  I quickly blocked it and wore it the next day.  I'm in love with this sweater.  Apologies for the photos - taken on the computer but better than no photos.

What am I knitting now?  I have a design idea in my head.  I've also ordered some yarn from the Webs sale - Cascade 220 of course.  I got enough to make a stocking for my nephew and a sweater for Miss America.

I'll try to post here and there - it is hard when my days are not my own.  Tell me, what are you knitting these days?

To answer Millie's questions in the comments section - this was our first winter in MA.  It sure was a doozy!  We live in a town that is known for not cancelling school often and we had to cancel I think 2 days due to snow/weather.  As for my subbing here, all I had to do was apply.  Substitute teachers surprisingly don't need any special degrees or training - just a college degree.  And as for new projects, I just cast on a stripey baby sweater that I'm making up as I go along.  More to come.  I love baby projects as you feel like you've accomplished so much in so little time.

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Millie said...


It's good to hear from you. I have been wondering how you have been doing.

You will need to remind your readers (or at least me) - is this your first or second winter in the Boston area?

I have wondered in the past whether you were able to substitute teach in MA or whether you have to take additional testing, course work, etc. to be able to sub outside your home state?

Now, to the most important inquiry - Got any new projects going?