April 30, 2013

Don't Faint

I'm posting 2 days in a row after a month of but after seeing Carole's 10 on Tuesday I had to post again.
Here goes!

10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in the Month of May.
1. Warmer weather - it is slowly getting warmer here in MA and I'm so happy.

2. Lily of the Valley - my favorite flower blooms in May.  I carried them as my wedding bouquet.  I love their delicate stalks and flowers and the scent is divine (however, I will admit I don't like lily of the valley perfume or lotion and for some reason I am given it too often).

3. May Fair - our church in CT has an amazing fair the Saturday before Mother's Day.  It is an all day event and is the largest one day fair in the state of CT.  If you live in CT, it is worth the field trip.  In fact, I'm considering trekking back to CT for the day just because it has been part of our lives for years and I don't want to miss it.

4. My birthday is in May - often it falls on Mother's Day.  It did last year which was fitting as it was my 50th birthday and I was born on Mother's Day.  Here's a photo of my kids and me on my 50th.

5.  Mother's Day - I love sending my mom a special little gift on our shared special day.

6. Our anniversary is in May - okay this was the crazy trifecta...our anniversary is the day after my birthday as it was the only day the church was available.  I told my husband that he could easily have my birthday, mother's day and our anniversary right in a row or stacked up on each other.  He's handled it well in spite of breaking the "separate gifts, separate cards, separate wrapping paper" rule for all 3.  He sure can't forget our anniversary ever!

7. Memorial Day - we spend Memorial Day at my husband's family home at the Jersey shore (not the Snookie part) every year.  We open up the house, go for walks, barbecue and if it is warm enough don bathing suits and start the summer season.  This year, however, it is going to be different.  Our house had 3 1/2 ft of water in it during Hurricane Sandy.  We hope to be back in by Memorial Day but we probably won't have any furniture...heck, that's what beach chairs are for!  Here is a photo from the Memorial Day service at the local club - it is lovely and so patriotic.

8. Changing my wardrobe - it is so nice not to wear a heavy coat everywhere.  I love breaking out the spring colors, skirts and baring my toes to the world.  Which leads to:

9. Beginning of the season pedicure!  I love to have pretty toes in the spring and summer and a pedicure is the right way to start the open toe shoes and sandal season.

10. Sleeping with the windows open.  It is too cold to sleep with the windows wide open or even cracked during the winter...however, just in the past few days we've cracked them open.  The fresh air gives me a lovely night's sleep and I love hearing the birds in the morning.

Happy May everyone!


elns said...

Wow! May is magical for you and your family. Great post. Thanks for sharing with us. Wishing you another wonderful May!

Jennifer said...

Estella - Happy early birthday. I love the picture with your kids. You all look so beautiful! So glad to see you posting twice in a row. ;)

Beth said...

Can you believe it's almost June now?! I hope you are doing well.

kathy b said...

I love to sleep with my windows open too!