November 13, 2013

Magic Cake Update

I have been working on my magic cake cowl and writing down the pattern.  When I started with my cake, I decided the colors in the center weren't in harmony with the rest of the cake.  Here's what I knit up and have put aside to join in with another magic cake.

After breaking off the yarn, I continued with the cake and got to knitting - I added in some textured stitches for interest and already have some ideas for the next one involving some slipped stitches.

I have pulled out my yarn, the bag of yarn I got that belonged to Kate Gilbert and I've started sorting.  I'm in trouble here - I can see a slew of these magic cakes being made.  Our kitchen table won't be used for meals for a while!

When I was at stitches, I saw magic cakes being sold in plastic containers that made them look like cupcakes - so very clever.

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