March 22, 2014

This Made My Day

I was working at the yarn store yesterday and a mom and her daughter who took my class for making The Hat in The Hat stopped by with their finished hats.  I immediately asked them to model them for a photo - don't they look wonderful?!?  It truly made my day.

Then I had to snap this photo...the mom was looking for some Noro Silk Garden and I told her to call out any numbers if she wanted met to check quantities.  It got very quite over in that corner of the store.  I walked round and look what I found - doesn't she look like a kid in a candy shop?

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Hahahaha - I love the "it got very quiet" picture.

LOVE that they both finished their hats and came to show you. That is the very best compliment to such a wonderful teacher. Kudos!