March 29, 2014

Now Out In Stores

As you know, I have been writing and designing for Knit 123 magazine.  The print production process is a long one and I started this job back in the fall...finally the first issue I worked on is now out in stores!

In this issue my technique that I detail is about increases and the different types.  I wrote three capelet patterns for three skill levels (beginner, novice and intermediate).  I forgot almost how they looked and it was so wonderful to see them on a model and styled.

Magazine cover

So, the other day when I was in the LYS working a customer came in and pulled out a copy of the magazine and said "look what I found in Walmart!  Recognize this?"  Then she proceeded to open it to my article - she purchased the magazine not knowing that I had an article in it.  She explained her surprise when she saw my name and photo.  She immediately wanted to cast on for the intermediate capelet.  Can I tell you how much that made my heart sing?!  The other ladies around the table suggested she get my autograph on the article which she promptly asked me to do.

The thing is I am not nearly as proud of this article and designs as my next issue ones.  I was feeling my way, playing it safe and getting the job done for this issue.  I'm not saying that there isn't good information or patterns in this one...but I can't WAIT for the next issue.

So, head out to Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, AC Moore or Michaels and check out the magazine too can have your own copy.

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Eileen said...

Congratulations! It must be very rewarding to see you work in print.

I'll have to check Walmart....I think they carry this magazine in Canada.