May 16, 2014

Simply Perfect!

Kathy is a member of my old knitting group in CT and she makes these gorgeous project bags.  She makes them and has this amazing machine that does the embroidery on them (she had to take classes to work this machine).

So, I thought that I should put her in touch with Debbie, the owner of my LYS.  They talked back and forth and now my LYS carries Kathy's perfect project bags.  They are selling well, I'm happy to report.  Here are a few of the ones we she sent to the store:

Then the other day when I was in the store small package arrived for me...Kathy made me my own project bag as thanks.  Isn't it perfect!?

You too can get your own perfect project bag - Kathy has a store on Etsy - BDG Embroidery.  Treat yourself - so worth it.

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Jennifer said...

Kathy's bags are amazing.