May 4, 2014

Pleased As Punch

The next issue of Knit 123 comes out this coming week.  I got my advance copy in the mail last week and I was so excited I was jumping up and down while squealing.  You see this issue is the first one where I had input on the technique topic and I really was challenged with the designs.  I also have an extra pattern in the issue.

The technique I wrote about was cables - I had to do it for 3 levels of experience with a slipper pattern for each level.  For the Beginner level, I showed how to do a mock cable and here are the slippers I did for that:

The Novice slipper had your basic cable with a cable needle and a different slipper:

The Intermediate slipper is by far my favorite - I did a mock cable cuff and then showed how to do a cable without a cable needle (trust me it is easy and the best way to go!):

Usually the knit items are donated after the shoot - this pair of slippers stayed with the editor who also is a good friend.  So glad to know these were a hit through and through.  I might just have to knit up another pair!  Net, net - I was pleased as punch with this issue.

So after seeing this and you want a copy, they go on sale May 8th and can be found in Walmart, JoAnns Fabrics, Michaels, and/or AC Moore.

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Kristen said...

Fantastic! Congratulations! You must be walking on air!