April 30, 2014

You Get What You Pay For...

My last post elicited a few comments - I love a healthy discussion especially when it involves knitting.  The best line is "sometimes we knit just to knit".

My other line I found I've used a lot while teaching knitting classes is "You Get What You Pay For".  It usually involves a free pattern and the knitter doesn't get the instructions or lack of instructions.  I always explain as a designer you post a free pattern sometimes and it might not be the most thorough or complete pattern out there but it is FREE.

I have a few free patterns - they mostly are from when I first started designing and I was dipping my toe in the water.  Some are free because I heavily adapted a pattern or stitch pattern that someone else had put up for free.

What amazes me is my free patterns are my most popular - maybe I shouldn't be too amazed as free is easy to do on Ravelry and Craftsy.  We all download free patterns - why not, they're free!

My most popular pattern are my Santa Hat Ornaments - 623 downloads since October 2013.

My other hot free pattern is the Farfalle Cardigan - I get daily updates from Craftsy indicating it has been downloaded.  Ravelry has 154 downloads and Craftsy has 847 since November 2012!  Wow!

So, here's an idea.  If you like a person's free pattern, then why not help encourage and support them by purchasing a pay for pattern?  It's kind of like paying it forward...  Just an idea I had to float out there.

It all started with this simple scarf pattern - 79 downloads to date.  It was the first pattern I ever wrote up and it encouraged me to keep designing.

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