April 23, 2014

Enough Already

One of the things I do to help my LYS where I work is find new, interesting free patterns to share with the customers.  We sometimes send out emails with these so people can see what is going on in the knitting world.

After today's search I just had to say what has been in my mind for a while - how many shawl patterns do we really need?  I'm "shawled" out!  Every search for hot right now and free is mostly shawls.

Here's the thing - how often do you wear your shawls?  I have knit several in my day but worn them very little - it's almost a running joke in my old knitting group about how we knit them but never wear them.

Yes, they are lovely and interesting to knit (one of my favorite architectural knits was Stephen West's Pagona) but seriously enough already.

End of mini-rant.  Sorry to offend the shawl lovers of the world.


Jennifer said...

Yeah! Thanks for saying out loud what I always think. I have made ONE shawl in my knitting career and I wear it about once a year.


Unknown said...

I understand your frustration but think of it the way I do. A shawl is lovely, sometimes challenging knitting that doesn't need to meet gauge (at least not closely - yardage will be different but so what).

I wear a shawl to work pretty much 5 days a week (Administrative Assistant in an engineering firm). I like them because they give pops of color and I can put them on/take them off easily (I am menopausal). Some days I wear a small one around my neck and a large one over my jacket.

I think if you really study the patterns that are out there you could say the same thing about sock patterns or even sweaters (how many 3 button swingy cardigans can we use?).

I do think there are a lot of people trying to be designers, as the wave of knitting frenzy crests and falls less people will try to design.

Have a great day. Beth

Deb said...

I agree that it's time for sweaters, etc.

I like shawls and I even where them (love the giant sized Citron), but I'd love to make more sweaters.

The problem is I'm xtra plus sized with a 56" bust.

Hey designers - 50" finished sweater is NOT plus sized!

bmom said...

I wear certain shawls all the time. Large-ish, not too lacey, no beads. Roma, Ishbel, and Mystic Light for example. Almost never wear the sweaters I've knit. Sometimes we knit just to knit.