July 11, 2015

Sconset Wrap

Cobblestone Designs has another new pattern - this one is quite fun.  Sconset Wrap (named after Sconset Beach on Nantucket) is a versatile wrap uses cleverly placed buttons to allow you to have several clothing options.  It uses 2 skeins of Jaggerspun Zephyr held double (there is some confusion on Ravelry about this yarn but the skeins I used had about 1200 yards each).

Button along one edge and you have an asymmetrical poncho.

Shift it around and it works a whole other way.

Button it another way and you have a fabulous shrug.

Or forget the buttons all together and wrap it around your shoulders or wear it like a scarf.

How will you wear your Sconset Wrap?

1 comment:

Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Congratulations on designing such a versatile piece. The Sconset, as you've shown, is able to be worn in a variety of ways. I, personally, like the asymmetrical poncho the best. Thanks being sent to Cobblestone Designs. Luv the name.