August 22, 2015

I Just Love Baby Knits

Shortly after we got back from our trip to Italy, I got an invitation to a baby shower for my husband's niece.  She is due with her second - a boy.  I went into panic mode thinking I only had 3 weeks before the shower and since I couldn't make it (college move in day for our daughter), I knew I had to build in mailing time too.

I have no idea why I panicked - baby knits are fast, fun and totally satisfying!  I just love them!

I chose Baby Sophisticate which I have made before.  I had some Berroco Weekend in my stash and since the shower and the baby's room are nautical themes - I made it with stripes and put on little sailboat buttons.

Adorable!  Don't you just love baby knits?


Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Nautical? Sweater is perfect to fit their theme and an easy knit.

I try to always have a couple sacques, bonnets and blankets on hand. You never know.

Eileen said...

Adorable! I've just started a sweater for my cousin's first grandchild. No idea yet so I'm doing it in yellow. But fast knitting? Not so much for me....I'm probably the world's slowest knitter, especially when there is an intricate pattern. It's the first time I've done a knit down sweater so that's a little confusing too. I'm glad I have 5 months to finish it!