August 10, 2015

My Intentions Were Good

My daughter and I have just returned from a magical trip to Florence with my parents.  We spent 9 days there (2 in Chianti in Greve at my cousin's - Villa Rignana) and words can't begin to tell you how perfect it all was (except for maybe the heat and the crowds).

I had all sorts of good intentions as it relates to knitting.  I packed 3 projects.  I worked on one for my LYS yarn club on the flight over.  I took it to my cousin's villa (she loved the placemats) and worked on it poolside only to find I had done it wrong so I ripped it out.

Don't you love the look of shock on non-knitter's faces when you rip out a project?  They gasp and exclaim "what are you doing?!"  My cousin kept saying she felt so bad for me - heck it wasn't a whole sweater or anything - just a little cowl.  I was only halfway through.

The other two projects went untouched - in fact, aside from the poolside knitting I didn't touch my needles again until the flight home.

My other good intention was to visit a yarn store in Florence.  I had done my homework and found the one I wanted to go to.  When we returned to Florence from the villa, it was August 1st.  I went online to look up the address and wouldn't you know the store closes for the entire month of August.  Well, there went that plan.

Instead I saw some amazing sites, had wonderful family time, enjoyed my daughter with her last few weeks before going to college - all good stuff.  So, here are a few photo collages I put together so you could see what kept me from my knitting.

I have a thing for ceilings - always looking up.

Various sites around Florence - the right hand one is the view from my Aunt's house in Galluzo.
These are frescos by Fra Angelico from The Museo San Mateo.

La Famiglia

My cousin's villa where we spent two nights - glorious!

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Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Beautiful photos of one memorable and exciting trip. Good for you.

(And yeah, the look on non-knitter's faces and some new knitters, like my young granddaugthers, is priceless.)