August 28, 2015

Last Modeling Session

Tomorrow we take my "in house model" to college - she's off to NYU.  I admit I have mixed feelings as I am so very excited for her but I will miss her company, her inspiration to my designing, and of course her modeling skills!

So, we had our last modeling session for two new cowls that are for Cobblestone Designs.  The first one is called Elm Bank and was designed by my business partner, Debbie Smith.  It uses Malabrigo Rasta and is squishy, warm and lovely.  Perfect gift knitting project!

The other cowl, Watchtower Cowl,  was designed by me for the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl which is September 17-20.  I used Plymouth Galway Worsted in two colors and an interesting garter slip stitch pattern.  This pattern is for sale on Ravelry but if you do the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl it will be free during the crawl at Iron Horse in Natick, MA.

So that's it for now - I don't know who will model my next design.  I'm tempted to mail them to her and have a friend who is into photography get some great NYC shots.  Then I might not get the item back so easily.  I also might recruit one of her friends who is still in high school.  Time will tell.  I can tell you this though - I'm going to miss my model!


Madeline said...

Good luck to you and your daughter today!! We should start a club - the daughters of Iron Horse: NYC. :-)

Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Nice designs. I like Elm Bank better, probably because I'm not an orange fan but both look fun to do. Don't worry; she'll be back. :)