July 20, 2009

Actual Knitting Content

Just wanted to show you that I really have been knitting. I'm very much enjoying the construction of the Tilted Duster...it's just taking me a long time to finish the body.

I've put the sleeves in place so you can see how it is going to look. All I have to do is finish the bottom and then sew in sleeves and make the collar. Shouldn't take too much longer.

I've stalled on my Annikki as the button bands are endless. However, they are great for mindless knitting while the kids play in tennis tournaments.

I'm home for another day and then back to the beach. I'm missing my summer S&B group tonight and I'm bumming. My DH and #1 Son are at a Yankees game so Miss America and I are going to watch chick flicks and I'll knit some more.

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