July 7, 2009

Two Milestones

Last night we had our Stitch and Bitch. We hit a milestone moment with 10 people attending...that was our largest group yet. We had mostly needlepointers with only Kimberly, Peggy and myself knitting or crocheting.

Of course I forgot to get the camera out until the bitter end so I caught Kimberly and Peggy before they left. Kimberly cast on a crochet wrap she's making for her mom...it is going to be lovely. I've decided I need to learn to crochet as she had 6 inches done in the time it too me to do 2 inches on my sleeves of my Tilted Duster.

Peggy is working on her jacket and had to do her first fold over hem. Two days ago she learned a provisional cast-on. She's really expanding her knowledge with this sweater.

We of course had some refreshments and adult beverages...the cool addition to the food was Kimberly brought some Friendship bread AND she brought 4 bags of the starter. I took one as I think Miss America will have fun with it. Not that my hips need Friendship bread.

Our dog Missy has to be right there in on the knitting action. She loves Stitch and Bitch nights as she gets to greet everyone at the door, find out who is a dog lover and curl up at their feet.
Oh, my other milestone - I knit at the beach yesterday. I was glad there was a good breeze as the wool would have been too hot otherwise. But I got quite a bit done and really was glad to add that ability to my repertoire!


Roslyn said...

Looks like a great time.

Kimberly said...

DUDE!!!!! I need to loose 15 lbs and a major highlight job - WOAH! The evening was great, though!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a fabulous night!