July 3, 2009

I blew it

I had the camera out and I completely forgot to take pictures at S&B on Wednesday night. I was so angry after everyone left. So, I'll paint a picture for you instead.

It was a small group which was great as we had a new member join us - Heather. She came in with the biggest bag of projects I've ever seen. The bag was bigger than an LL Bean Bag and it was a cool fun fabric - in it were lots of little projects. Heather decided to work on a pillow she's making with a little chicken on it. She also showed me a lovely sweater for her daughter with flowers all over it. I mentioned she's into intarsia and she said that is what she started knitting not knowing any better as a beginner - talk about going for the harder stuff first!

Nancy, a regular, was there with her needlepoint belt which she was working on last year. She had a clip-on reading light which she clipped onto her vest and that helped her work - even with 100 watt bulbs everywhere you can't have enough light for those tiny stitches. Nancy also knits and decided she's going to get a knitting project going for our S&B.

Deb arrived and pulled out her trusty crewelwork pillow which she's been working on for 2 years. We joke that last year when she pulled it out I said "you're still working on that???"

Peggy arrived late with a box of wool to be wound. She's going to make a Knit Picks pattern for a car coat. So while we employed a child to wind wool (good job for a child), she looked at books and patterns and decided that some capelets would make good gifts for her college age girls and their cousins.

Sandy arrived very late due to work and just needed a glass of wine.

We're having it again on Monday and I'll do my best to get some pictures.

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