May 16, 2011

At The Same Time

When Webs had Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool on sale, I jumped on it and ordered 6 skeins to make Heidi Kirrmaier's Summer Solstice. I wish I had read the pattern ahead of time as it used the 4 dreaded words in knitting - AT THE SAME TIME.

While having a lot of stockinette, this pattern has wonderful design features that are fascinating and fun to knit. You start with the back yoke in the center and knit sideways then turn it into one sleeve. You then pick up the back yoke again which was a provisional caston and then knit the other side and sleeve. Then you make the body and then the whole collar.

My main modification is I did one more section of the collar repeat than it called for in my size. This gives a generous surplus at the front. I used just a tad over 5 skeins which let me have the extra up front as I wanted. It is blocking now - I wish I had finished this last week when it was so dry and crisp here - today it is damp and rainy and still not dry after 24 hours. I promise modeled photos when it is dry.

Keeping track of various decreases on this was a challenge - here are my notes for the arm decreases which took place all over and at odd times. The one below which is on lined paper is from the body where you had increases and decreases. You see it was a lot of "AT THE SAME TIME"!


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh - that looks confusing. The finished sweater looks fantastic, though, and well worth the effort. Good thing you've got a good head on your shoulders!

Kristen said...

I think that patterns should make a warning at the very beginning that there is an AT THE SAME TIME and highlight it or something! I have been burned by those little words before.

But, at the same time, your sweater looks fine and dandy.

kathy b said...

I dont like at the same time either. good for you for persevering....looks great.