May 17, 2011

Who Me? I'm a Good Dog! I Promise!

So I went into the guest room (aka my knitting space) and found our dog, Missy, lying on my Summer Solstice while it was blocking. She was just on the edge and had a bit of a guilty look when I found her.

Then she decided she needed to reposition and cover more of the sweater - look at how she won't look me in the eye. Funny thing is the sweater was still damp - not my idea of a comfy place to rest!


Sara said...

My cats seem to love things that are blocking too. What's up with animals and knitting?

bmom said...

One of our cats does the same thing....right on the wet whatever, pins and all. It just can't be comfortable!

Jennifer said...

Awww - she's so cute! At least she was only lying on the sweater and not chewing it! She just wanted to be near you.