September 8, 2011

Don't Faint!

Don't faint - I'm blogging 2 days in a row and this has actual knitting content.

My mom and I went on a road trip in mid-August to New Hampshire for our camp 100th anniversary reunion. I pointed out to Mom that we were going there on Route 91 right by Northhampton, Mass - the KNITTING MECCA of the world is there - WEBS!

Well, Mom looked at it as a Thelma and Louise outing (without the cliff ending) and booked us in the lovely Hotel Northhampton on a Thursday night (Webs is open late but she had travelled all the way from Florida and I didn't push going as soon as we arrived). We puttered in the morning, toured the town and at 9:58 pulled up to Webs.

I immediately took this picture and texted it to my knitting buddies...and to my knitting sister.

We walked in and it was instantly sensory overload...the store itself is huge. Mom was puttering around as I promised her I would make her something and then I went through some doors and saw the warehouse. I ran back to her and grabbed her arm and we both stood there in the open doors with our mouths hanging open...the picture is a bit blurry - could be my hand was shaking from the yarn excitement overload.

After 1 1/2 hours, we found a pattern for mom and me with 2 different sale yarns. We also came up with something for my niece. We had to get going - we did have a long drive ahead to get to camp!

So, what is in the bags??

Teal yarn is Classic Elite Premiere for Mom to make the Elizabeth cardigan. The dark purple is Nashua Creative Focus Worsted which I'm going to make the same cardigan for myself. Then the pink and purple and white will be a pullover (in the same Classic Elite booklet as Elizabeth)called Isabella.

I also purchased some Eucalan and a few gifties for my knitting buddies. Truly, if you live within a 2 hour drive, go! I wish I could have gone back on the way home or later again the same day after my body had recovered from such yarn shock.

Next post (by Saturday I think) will have some actual FOs!


CelticCastOn said...

heehe I think I would almost keel over too if I saw all that yarn in front of me.

bmom said...

There's nothing quite like one's first Webs trip! You should check out the classes as well...........

4polinka said...

"we both stood there in the open doors with our mouths hanging open.." - I know so well! :) It's great you could find a place like that

Jennifer said...

What a perfect day! BTW - That sweater is on my desk waiting for the perfect yarn... and I just queued Aidez with some yarn I bought at the trunk show at our favorite LYS... and when I looked for it online, I found your Aidez (I had forgotten you had made it, too). We'll have to be sure not to wear our matching sweaters on the same day!

Jules said...

I'm so envious of your trip to WEBS! I listen to the Ready, Set, Knit podcast every week and have often wondered what the store looks like. Kathy and Steve have a great show, don't they?