September 7, 2011

Where to Begin?

First of all, no knitting content in this one...

Second, thank you all who sent kind messages about our Hurricane Irene ordeal - I figure one more post about it and then I can move onto knitting content tomorrow.

We were without power for 7 1/2 days - it returned Sunday around 5pm. I must admit though we were very lucky as we escaped to NJ for the weekend where we had power and a lovely beach to enjoy with fun surf.

A few photo moments - here is our daughter (almost 14) teaching our son (15) how to play jacks. Got to love that a hurricane and no power do take you back to basics.

This is the large tree in the back yard that barely missed our back deck - we had 2 more uprooted in the front yard but they ended up leaning on other trees and missing the house. I have a dear friend who had an 80 foot tree crash on her house and go through the ceiling of her son's room - everyone okay but scary.

This was some of the packing before the hurricane - wine was a necessity! I packed mostly red expecting no power to chill white. However, (KNITTING CONTENT) the first thing I packed in the car when leaving NJ for CT was my yarn and knitting. It went in BEFORE anything else - kids, dog, food, wine. Nothing was going to let me leave my fiber to the potential elements and flooding!

We pulled up all the rugs - the house echoed. See my knitting bag on the table - that was the knitting to go - the big box of fiber had already been packed a day earlier.

Yes, we dodged a bullet - the bay came up and flooded the street and stopped 1" below our top step. Thank God!

Tomorrow (if I get my act together) I will tell you of my fantastic fiber adventure with my mom. Think of the yarn Mecca of the northeast - we went there!

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