September 10, 2011

Not One But Two FOs

I did knit this summer and I didn't really finish much until the end of summer. First was the 2nd Daybreak I had yarn for - I really like this one and think I will keep it for me. Great fall colors. It is an addictive knit with a lot of stockinette which was perfect for watching tennis matches the kids were playing.

I also made the Cranberry Capelet by Baby Cocktails (aka Thea Colman). I used Cascade 220 in the colorway Heather. I am modeling this in a short sleeve sweater and shorts but with a pair of jeans and a turtleneck it will be perfect for those chilly days where I need an extra light layer.

Here is the detail of the cable that us up the front and back.

As I was on the last rows I noticed a little error where my K2P2 was off. This was probably from when I was knitting in the dark due to our Hurricane Irene power outage. I had a small flashlight which I kept flicking on and off. I considered dropping down and picking it up but it was too far down. For a nanosecond I considered frogging back. Then I realized this will be on the back side and if anyone notices this near the hem of my capelet then they are standing FAR TOO CLOSE!


Jennifer said...

They're both beautiful!

Kristen said...

Both are lovely! I am just about to finish my Capelet and I love the way it fits you, good length.

Amy J said...

Both are beautiful! I love the colors in your daybreak. hmmm, I may have to add to the list ;)

kathy b said...

Both are amazing and gorgeous knit ups. I love the shawl and am looking for a easy one ....perhaps this is it

Eryka Jackson said...

Those are beautiful! I love capelets and you did an amazing job on both!