August 12, 2014

Absolutely Adorable

The yarn store where I work has a section for selling gifts - it is a Co-op arrangement where the vendors get a percentage and so does the store.  I've sold quite a few knit items including my own designs.  It usually is very busy around the holidays as people are looking for gifts.

The other day the owner mentioned that the vendor who made a lot of hand knit baby items was leaving the store in the winter.  So, I took it as an opportunity to whip up some baby hats to put in the store for sale.

I had some Sublime Merino Cashmere Silk Aran floating around and found this wonderful pattern for only $1 - Greenleaf Baby Hat.

Aren't they absolutely adorable???

On the second one I added a slipped stitch in the center of the leaf to give it the line of a "spine" like real leaves have.

Then I got a bit creative and added stripes and used the top of the Cute Noggin Baby Hat (free pattern) to make this hat a little different.

So much fun - have another one on the needles already.  Hopefully they will sell quickly...

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