August 22, 2014


One of the projects I finished for Knit 123 that will never make it to the magazine pages was a snowman decoration.  You've probably seen the mini-snowmen I've made as Christmas tree ornaments.  I had the idea to upsize the pattern (he stands about 9" tall) and convert it to flat knitting.

Presenting Noseman the Snowman...why "Noseman"?  Well when our son was little (he is off to college in a week), he couldn't say "sn" or "sm" together.  He would put the "n" or "m" first and move the "s" in the "snowman" was "noseman" and "smokestack" was "mokes stack".

The pattern is live on Ravelry - why not start your holiday knitting now?

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Eileen said...

He is very cute, but I really don't want to think about Christmas right now! I'll bookmark the pattern so I can find it when I'm ready.

My daughter had difficulty with L's, R's and W's. So lion became wion. She asked a neighbour who last name was Lyon..."if you are a wion, do you woar?" Joan answered, "only at my kids." :)