March 20, 2015

Field Trip

When I finished my placemats, I asked Debbie (the owner of the LYS where I work) where she gets her cotton for weaving.  She told me about Pasa Yarns in Uxbridge.  She gave me fair warning their hours are not regular so I should call and ask first.

I called Pasa Yarns and asked the man who answered the phone what the hours were for Thursday (yesterday).  His answer was "our hours are when I am here".  I laughed and he said around 9-4 or 5 but he runs out for the mail around 10am.

So yesterday I printed out directions (I have a not so smart phone and my GPS is from the previous century I think) and headed to Uxbridge.  I drove through the town of Milford which had some charming buildings - I loved their town hall.  The sun was glistening off the dome - here are some pictures I found of it.

Then after a bit I hit Uxbridge and had to guess at a few turns as the streets were not marked.  I came across the Pasa Yarns building which is in an old mill.

When Debbie told me it was a yarn store I expected a traditional yarn store with the addition of cones of cotton available.  As I walked up the creaky old stairs of a building (I asked and learned was rebuilt after a fire in 1844), I began to suspect this was not what I expected.  Here's what I saw when I entered.  Nope,  this was not your average yarn shopping expedition.

There was a woman working in the back of the room - she was operating this skein winding matching.  I was totally fascinated.  Poor thing had rough, raw hands from the particular fiber she was winding that day - we decided it was the metallic thread running through it.

After rummaging around and consulting with the owner on the correct weight for my placemats, I picked out 6 cones.  The cost was $3/lb...I had 7lbs...I paid $21.75 for all this yarn!  What a productive field trip!

I can't wait to warp my loom!

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