March 14, 2015

One of the Perks

When you work in a yarn store, there are certain perks...working with fibery goodness, seeing yarns as they come out, etc.  This month's perk has been on my calendar for ages - Norah Gaughan is doing a farewell tour with her 16th Berroco book and sweater samples.  I was asked if I would like to work the night she was visiting my LYS - silly question, of course I would (and I had marked the date on my calendar ages ago).

It was a fun evening and we had a chance to chat before the doors opened to customers (and fans).  On my way to the store I called my knitting sister and told her she was the only one in our family who would understand the import of the evening...she got it.  I considered going all "fan girl" and bringing in my Norah Gaughan Volumes 1 and 3 (3 is the best!) and Knitting Nature but held back and decided to just enjoy meeting her.

Norah was talking about how her Kaari pattern that was free for a limited time went viral (even though it was from Volume 1 and had been out for ages).  This lead to my telling her about my Boxing Day Mittens experiment.

I had the chance to peruse the Vol 16 collection which was in a range of blues.  One of the items I thought was a capelet - turns out it was a skirt.  Another woman thought the same thing and put it on that way - guess what?  It is an amazing capelet and creative minds were flying on what yarns to use, how to make it a bit bigger, etc.  I'm now thinking I need to design a capelet.

A few photos from the night - the one of the two ladies smiling for the camera is Andra Asars (our Berroco rep) with Norah.  Andra is amazing - she is full of energy, creativity and a passion for her job.

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Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed hearing all about it.