March 30, 2015

A Few Of My Favorite Things - Part 2

My last post was about some of my favorite tools that I keep in my pencil case - I thought I'd show you the case - it is clear which lets me see what is in there so I can find things quickly.  Here are the front and back views:

You can see a highlighter (great for printed out patterns but more on that later as I've gone digital), some needle sizers, a Chibi case of assorted needles, Eucerin for my hands and a few balls of scrap yarn.  I always have that in my case as you never know when you need to put your stitches on waste yarn.  I always tell people when they ask if they can take needles on a plane to have waste yarn and a tapestry needle just in case someone hasn't gotten the memo about needles being okay on a plane.  This way you may lose your needles but you won't lose your knitting!

This view shows from left to right a tape measure, a holder for post it notes (my sister gave me this a while back it is made by Lantern Moon and I love it) and try it on tubing which I spoke about in the last post.

I also found these wonderful stacking tubes at the Container Store - I have all my stitch markers in them.  Like the pencil case, it is clear so I can see exactly which section I need to access.  I  sort them by size and on the very bottom I have locking stitch markers.

Speaking of locking stitch markers, they are a must for knitting.  I use them to mark the right side of a project - especially at the beginning when you aren't sure if it is the right or wrong side which happens in garter or some other stitch patterns.  I also use them when I am knitting two sleeves or two cardigan fronts at the same time - by connecting the two with a stitch marker you won't be tempted to turn your work before completing the work on the second sleeve or front ending up with lopsided work.

My most recent valuable tool is on my iPad.  Goodreader is an app that allows you to download your knitting patterns.  You can then annotate the pattern to highlight the size you are working on (hence no need for my old highlighter).  You can also type notes on the pattern, mark it up with drawings and notes.  I LOVE this app and have stored many patterns this way - you can save your annotated patterns with all the notes in case you want to knit another item using all the info.  I love it so much I've taught several classes at my LYS on how to use it and I must admit I am constantly finding new ways to use it (just like Ravelry).

I am sure there are many more tools I could talk about but would love to hear from you if you feel I've left anything out or if you want to share your favorite tool.  We knitters have to stick together and by sharing our tools we help each other out.


Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Thank you for your post; it is helpful.

I use a clear Baggie where you use a pencil case. I, too, employ the little stackables. I also use other varied and colored containers (obtainable at JoAnn's) for storing my needles and hooks.

I have two, long, slender, colored ones for my short straights (one color for smaller sizes, another for larger sizes), a shorter, wider and a little deeper one for all my circulars. I have two larger, flat containers, one with compartments and one without. The one without holds my longer needles. The other (which I think - was meant for storing embroidery floss for cross-stitchers) holds my supply of notions - like needles tips to keep yarn on needles, stitch markers, a spare tape measure, safety pins, post-its, small folding shears, spare needle sizers, etc.

I used to slip white pieces of paper on each circular with the size of the needle written on it but now I've found colored plastic tags with the needle size in metric on one side and US size on the flip side. They are really meant to be kept on a project so one might remember what size needle was used but I find they work well this way, too.

Digital scares me. How do you keep a screen lit up long enough to see it while working? If I'm understanding digital correctly, you're not printing out a hard copy. Please explain further and just how do you mark your pattern (without highlighter, I understand) - like you circled the hat pattern?

Thank you.

Eileen said...

I'm still a novice so although I have a bag it only contains my tapestry needle, a crochet hook, a tape measure, a small pair of scissors and a pad of paper and pen. I tend to write down where I'm at in the pattern on a piece of paper because I frequently leave my project for a period of time and forget where I left off.

I've never learned how to use markers. Do they stay on the needle or are they in the knitted piece and if so, how do you remove them? I know that probably sounds like an odd question but a picture or two would be helpful.

Thanks for the info - it is helpful!