April 1, 2015

Good Feedback!

Thanks for the comments you left on my last two posts...I always like when there is a discussion on my blog and I'm not writing into a vacuum or talking to myself.

Eileen left this comment asking about stitch markers and how you use them:

I've never learned how to use markers. Do they stay on the needle or are they in the knitted piece and if so, how do you remove them? I know that probably sounds like an odd question but a picture or two would be helpful.

Well, that is a good question and one I get often when I teach classes and introduce a knitter to stitch markers.  They don't get knitted into the piece - they sit between stitches and you just slide the marker when you are working.  I found this bit on Lion Brand's site explaining stitch markers.  There are several videos and I found this good blog post too.

Tall Cottage Thoughts left this question about Goodreader:

Digital scares me. How do you keep a screen lit up long enough to see it while working? If I'm understanding digital correctly, you're not printing out a hard copy. Please explain further and just how do you mark your pattern (without highlighter, I understand) - like you circled the hat pattern?

I'll answer these as best I can but now realize I need a whole separate post on going digital...so you won't get all the answers here but it's a start.

The screen stays lit for quite a while on Goodreader - I don't know why but it does.  If I'm working a chart that is intricate I have learned to print that out.  You can go into your settings and change how long you want your screen to stay lit which will also help.

I don't print out a hard copy at all if I have a PDF.  This is great when I'm on a road trip - I'll never forget the time I had a pattern from Knitty printed out but didn't realize the charts where a separate print job.  I was on a 4 hour trip and had only 30 minutes worth of knitting as my instructions were at home.  I was miserable and so was my family with all my grumbling.  When you have the PDF downloaded into Goodreader, EVERYTHING is there for your use.  No loose pages falling under the car seat or getting crinkled, no forgetting a page, etc.

More to come on Goodreader in a future post - will have to do some screen captures to help explain.

Keep the comments coming!


Lisa aka MamaBearKnits said...

I totally agree and second your opinion on Goodreader. I very seldom use paper anymore. I love the highlighting, the ability to comment, the freehand (I use to make hashtags for counting sometimes or write down a row number), the moveable lines for keeping track of where I am on a chart or written rows of pattern and also you can enlarge a portion as needed. It is a lifesaver if you put your project down for a while because you found something else to start. And as you mention, patterns are with you wherever you go because of course your iPad is too! Can't say enough good things about Goodreader!!

Eileen said...

Thanks for the response. I'll check out the videos for certain.