April 7, 2015

I DO love my blog!

Kate over at A Playful Day is hosting a blog-along...where bloggers share their love for their blog and blogging and the community it creates.

This weeks theme is "interactions and community".  There have been many times where I've considered giving up on my blog - every time I put it out there all those who lurk and read my blog pipe up and remind me that I do have a voice and they enjoy my blog.

What I love about blogging is the people I've "met" through my blog and the blogs I read.  The first person I really "met" was Jennifer aka Major Knitter.  When we realized we lived close to each other we met up and I since joined her weekly knitting group and developed a whole new community in my life.

I also used my blog to get help for Haitians after their earthquake - I was amazed how many people donated to my Hats for Haiti contest.  Another way community plays into the blogging world.

I also like when I throw something out there and I get a reaction or conversation going.  One time I went on a mini-rant about how I think there are more than enough shawl patterns out there.  Well, that got a conversation going.  Or how I discussed my way of setting in sleeves...another good conversation.

Lastly, I love the support of the blogging community - be it for a new pattern or if I've had a bad day or if I'm trying to start a conversation about something...the blogging world is out there.  I DO love my blog (and I thank my sister for getting me into it back in January 2006).

To keep the community going, leave a comment and tell me how you "met" me and my blog.  Even better tell me what you like about it or want me to talk about in future posts.


Nidhi said...

Through aplayfulday:) I'm so glad I joined the challenge and I'm happy to have found your blog.

Delusional Knitter said...

Hi there, nice to "meet" you! Hopping over from the challenge! Love your exploration of the topic.

Gill Vieira said...

Hi, I've come to "meet you" from the Love your blog challenge. Great work with the hats for Haiti! I love a charity knit. Look forward to reading more posts in the coming weeks :-)

Geri said...

Hmm.. I feel as if I've been reading your blog for a long time, but can't remember how I got started. It maybe that I was curious about Ct. Knitting bloggers. I've loved your evolution as a designer! So inspiring!

Eileen said...

Sometime ago I was hitting the "next blog" button and came across your blog. I hadn't knitted in years, but after lurking for awhile and seeing the projects you've made I was inspired to pick up the needles.

This winter I made a pair of socks (my very first pair - they are more like slippers than socks) and a sweater for my cousin's granddaughter (she still has to grow into it)

I'm a very basic knitter so seeing what you can do (and so quickly) is fun to read about. Any tips you have are also appreciated.

Claire said...

Via aplayfulday!
I think (hope) I've left a comment for all the bloggers taking part as part of the challenge for me in Love Your Blog is give as much back to the blogs I read as I take. So back at ya, get out there and make comments!

Louise Tilbrook said...

I found you via a Playful Day. I've rather neglected my blog reading of late and I'm really enjoying the interaction and fun of fellow crafters.

Helen (yarnful) said...

Nice to meet you! I came across your blog through the Love Your Blog challenge. I'm really enjoying finding so many new blogs.